The Red House Saloon

Proprietor: Mr Samuel H Forster
Mrs Minnie Forster

A two storey wooden board building with a wide porch out front with two hitching posts at the road side. It is painted red, or was, now the trail dust has faded the building to a burnished heap. Some might say that it now hardly earns the right to bear it’s name.

Inside the building is similarly dishevelled. The bar itself is backed by a fine cut picture mirror, “imported from Chicago, don’cha’know” as Sam Forster is fond of reminding his patrons. Upstairs are the four guest rooms, the largest is called ‘The Ambassador Suite’. The ‘Hotel’ can hold up to around 10 patrons if they don’t mind sharing a bed.

The Forsters have an unofficial arrangement with William “Billy Boy” Truart, a man who refers to himself as an ‘Entertainments Agent’. Truart has a stable of several ‘dancers’ who serve to raise the spirits of the saloon’s custom. It is an open secret to the town that these girls sell themselves but one that the local law has no willingness to challenge at this point. Not least because Bill Truart has a reputation as a fearsome brute and who is well known locally as being quick to draw a gun.

Sam and his wife Minnie live on the ground floor behind the kitchen, they keep chickens and have a small kitchen garden at the rear of the property. Minnie sees to the kitchen and the finances, in many ways she runs The Red House and has a vicious temper due to the relentless workload and the fact her husband has had his eye on Truart’s newest addition to his roster, a flame-haired dancing girl who goes by the name of Cherry.

The Red House Saloon

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