Kiski Mountains

These dark grey mountains rise, stark and forboding, above Long Fork. They hold many dangers, Wolves, Coyotes, Bear and all the treacherous weather conditions that wild country holds are all true threats but if you believe the talk, the hills hold far more serious risks that man should be wary of.

Indians from the Chocktaw Tribe who lay claim to the area, say that since the coming of the white man, all across the Osark Range the ancient spirits of the land have stirred. The old wise people of the tribe speak of the mountains themselves have become angry and it is rare that any Native American is seen alone on the high trails. Despite the superstitious hoodoo, stories persist that strange beasts dwell here, preying on unwary travellers for food whilst remaining hidden in the high forests and lonely hidden caves.

“Manitou” or restless spirits are said to shift from the shape of man to that of a wolf and back. There are prayer shrines left at the forests edge by the Chocktaw supposedly to appease these shapeshifters.

Truthfully, in recent years many souls have not returned from the high country. And whispers grow of the mountains being “haunted” and locals will not trespass here without vital need.

Kiski Mountains

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