Hangman's Stone

Outside of Long Fork, approx 5 miles up the high trail into the Kiski Mountains lies a stone of prodigious size. The granite mass is about 30ft at the highest point. Atop this cyclopean boulder grows an ancient speading tree, it’s twisted roots entwine the stone in a manner not pleasing to the eye, as if it were some monstrous creature feeding upon it.

Local children once dared one another to go up to the stone from Long Fork alone. Over the years this practice has died off as children have failed to return leaving distraught parents to curse the stone and the forest it inhabits.

As the stone is a large landmark, the forest trails cross over at this point, consequentially town hangings have been held there in times past. The huge tree having several boughs that suit such a purpose well. It is possible that the stone has been used for sacrifices since the dawn of man.

Now however, with unnatural events reportedly occuring throughout the nation, it is likely were there to be hanging the Sherrif’s office would hold such a gathering on the edge of the town limits, perhaps altering the interment rites in response to the disturbing series of events in El Paso.

Hangman's Stone

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