Big Creek

Along the length of Big Creek the winding course of the Kiski River flows, almost hidden by the thick overhanging forest canopy.

Animal tracks and Chocktaw Indian trails, walked since time immemorial, cris cross the undergrowth winding deeper into the dark hushed forest.

The creek is silent, unusually so, even the Chocktaw speak of it being a “haunted place”. Tales of missing persons are common. Tom Fitzsimmons, Eli Fitzsimmons’s brother was lost here a few years ago whilst hunting. Apparently only his satchel was found, bloody and lacerated, floating in the Kiski River several days after he was reported missing.

The weather is changable in the high country. On the edge of the uppermost forest reaches, sudden rainfall and thick fog banks are known to make correct navigation difficult.

Some speak of Chocktaw renegades still hidden in the hills, waiting for unwary white travellers but this is unlikely. Even the Indians shun this region for reasons of their own and are rarely seen here.

Big Creek

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