Tag: Red House Saloon


  • Bill Truart

    The Forsters have an unofficial arrangement with William “Billy Boy” Truart, a man who refers to himself as an ‘Entertainments Agent’. Truart has a stable of several ‘dancers’ who serve to raise the spirits of the saloon’s custom. It is an open secret to …

  • Cherry

    Pretty young redhead with a thing for older wealthy men. has her eye on [[:Samuel-H-Forster | Samuel H Forster]] owner and manager of [[The Red House Saloon]], much to his wife's chagrin.

  • Samuel H Forster

    Owner, manager of [[The Red House Saloon]]. Sam spends his days, and many nights, pouring whisky and attempting to avoid the all seeing eye of his wife [[:minnie-forster | Minnie Forster]].

  • Minnie Forster

    Minnie spends her days washing sheets and keeps her keen eye on her husband [[:samuel-h-forster | Samuel H Forster]] who has his on one of [[:bill-truart | Bill Truart]]'s dancers: [[:cherry | Cherry]]. She is a fearsome woman with a razor-fast tongue …