Tcho Zsu

Chinese Laundry 'Owner'


A short, squat Chinese with a permanent scowl. He is clad in a simple Oriental garb, collarless shirt and light footwear.

His manner is brusque but polite, his grasp of English adequate and easy to understand. Thus even scattered farming settlements from the disterict are known to have their ‘Sunday Best’ taken care of by The Yellow Emperor Chinese Laundry as the results are undeniable.

A drover from the Texas high ranges once asked if one of the girls who worked for him would be for sale “by the hour”. The story goes that Mr Zsu saw off the impertinent soul at the end of a knife. The drover returned to The Red House Saloon muttering darkly of the “Gaddam’ Chinee with a weird lookin’ blade, all curved and un-natural lookin’.” It seems that the roustie also mentioned that Zsu knew which end to point with too.

Tcho Zsu

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