Pastor Jeffery Whitman

Religious zealot, doomsayer


A thin, ‘fire and brimstone’ lay Preacher who believes that the End Times have come. He preaches every morning at nine am sharp from the steps of his whitewashed church, praying to the lord to return and smite the ‘Demons’ that beset the earth until his zeal takes him over and he must rest. Some days he shouts himself hoarse and on more than one occasion he has fainted from exhaustion. On Sundays he has a decent enough congregation and tempers his rantings to some degree so as not to scare the children of the town. Despite this, most people keep their youngsters close during mass as Pastor Whitman has chilled the chitterlings of even the boldest of souls with his sermons at times.

Since returning from the Civil War he has suffered fearsome bouts of fright and some say that his courage was taken by seeing death on such a scale. He has been heard screaming out to people who were not there, calling them by names like “Old Tom”, “Mr. Hubbinton” and “Walks Too Softly”. He is said by some to be touched by madness. Others say that its his guilt for living through the killing when his comrades died all around him or that the poor man has been cursed to be beset by ghosts. His plight, be it of supernatural or of earthly origin, has made him an outcast in many ways by the townspeople.

Pastor Jeffery Whitman

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