Holson Delange

Texas Ranger, Ex-Pinkerton, Testosterone-fuelled asshat


Delange is a man on a mission. He seeks Fry lawrence and other high-profile scores to make his name, he believes that if he has pamphlets written about him then he will recieve the respect of his peers, despite not having a clue what the word really means and showing none of his own. Needless to say, his ‘peers’, the highly-respected Texas Rangers loathe him, calling him “a menace to all” and “foolhardy” to say the least.

He acts like Buzz Lightyear on cheap drugs, never considering the opinions of others he single-handedly will bluster himself into trouble (Custer anyone?).

He IS however brave, albeit in a dumb action-hero way, never hesitating to rush into a firefight. Blessed with the luck of fools he has not yet been hit by a bullet and thus he opines that he is somehow “blessed” – only time will show him the folly of that thought.

Holson Delange

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