Doc Harold Mitchel

Bitter drunk, grief stricken physician


The newly qualified Doctor lives on the end of main street in a small three room house that he built himself soon after he was married. Sadly, his pretty young wife Flora died of consumption less than a year ago and he has since turned to whisky to cope with the grief. His only daughter Amanda turned sixteen two months after Flora’s passing and then eloped with a young cow-heard Daniel Tucker, leaving only a note. Dr. Mitchel has become embittered by his losses and has developed a bold temper, particularly when he is lost to drink.

He has noted the coming of the dark times with sardonic humor. Seeing the death of his wife as the first sign that god has forsaken the earth. He has taken to cursing the church and has attacked the Preacher on more than one occasion. When drunk he can be found sitting quietly by the small, neatly-tended grave talking quietly about the end of the world.

Doc Harold Mitchel

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