Weird Wild West

The story so far...

Clipping from the Mayburg Gazzette:

“Mr Henry D. Goldman, realtor was killed in The Red House Saloon at the Long Fork halt before several shocked witnesses by the notorious thief and drunkard Fry Lawrence – a man of low character and hot temper – apparently over a disagreement at cards. Mr Goldman’s grieving widow, Mary H. Goldman has offered the reward of $3000 for the capture of Lawrence. Any reward hunters expected to flood to the area in search of the felon are to be advised that Mr. Holson Delange, an Officer in the Texas Rangers and former employee of the Pinkerton Agency out of Fort Worth, has raised a posse and is currently in the hills in search of the murderer…”

You and the other players have joined the Delange Posse and are headed to Long Fork in search of Fry Lawrence and fortune.



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