Weird Wild West

Eyes On The Prize

Session 2


name XPs
Eli Gideon 3
Isaiah Icobard Montgomery 3
Jebadiah Jones 3

Holson Delange, Eli Gideon and Jebadiah Jones at Sherrif John S Doyle’s Jailhouse tending for the sick Fry Lawrence. Walter Nemett is behind bars with him.

The bodies of Turner and Jones are wrapped in their bedrolls on the porch.

Isaiah Icobard Montgomery has gone for the help of Doc Harold Mitchel who has finished off a bottle of whisky and may not be in possession of his full faculties.

Rodriguez is dead, killed by a “spear” the size of a telegraph pole. His body is hanging from the tree atop the Hangman’s Stone.

Montgomery has just glimpsed a bearded figure in the instant of a lightning flash. He fears it may be the creature that attacked Lawrence



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