Weird Wild West

Early morning ride

The Posse set off

The Posse set off into the early morning light in persuit of Fry Lawrence and his gang of ruffians.

The rain of the previous night has not yet subsided the thick thunderhead hangs like a pall over the mountains ahead.

Jebadiah Jones is feeling the effects of the whisky and has been having trouble seeing clearly, he tuns his collar up agains the rain and gives a silent prayer for the day ahead.

Holson Delange sets off with a fire in his heart sure to push aside the stormclouds about with his unmatched zeal.

Isaiah Icobard Montgomery rides into the morning, thrilled by the prospect of high adventure and derring do. Maybe one day an exciting pamphlet will be written about their exploits and he will return to his family a hero, a man forged from his own actions, born of true courage and his place within the family will be defined.

Rodriguez slept the night in the hayloft, his rifle by his side. He made no comment about the day ahead but he is loaded for bear an looks like he means business.

Eli Gideon slept well in the arms of his doxies and with the chink of change in his pocket he has high hopes for the day ahead.



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