Weird Wild West

Bloodbath at Long Fork

Episode III (Conclusion)


name XPs
Eli Gideon 3
Isaiah Icobard Montgomery 3
Jebadiah Jones 3

After returning to the Jail and struggling with Fry Lawrence the posse headed to The Red House Saloon in search of backup.

Unfortunately the creature had entered the Ambassador suite on the first floor in search of blood. It killed the occupant and feasted until interrupted by Samuel H Forster, and the others.

In the ensuing struggle Jebadiah Jones was severely clawed accros the face and scalp, a scar he will wear until his dying day.

Isaiah Icobard Montgomery was struck in the face by the creature’s clawed hand. It’s elongated nails scraped hideously along his skull, slammed his head against the wall and it’s palm drove the boy’s nose bone deep into his brain. As he died he fired his pistol dry at the monster. In a swirl of cordite and a splash of blood he brave lad slid to the floor.

Despite his fear Eli Gideon continued shooting, plugging several shots at the bearded fiend. It was by blind luck that he kept away from the foul smelling attacker’s slashing claws.

Suddenly there was a stillness. A moment of calm in the whirlwind of horror. “Be calm, still, rest now” said the stranger in a soothing warm timbre. The posse fell into a swoon, the aches of their exertions eased by the words. They lay down and rested and fell into a deep sleep. One that felt almost like death.


Bloodsucking bastard.

Bloodbath at Long Fork

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